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Radically Increase Your Effectiveness At Home And Work Without Actually Doing More Tasks!

Even If You Struggle With Self-Sabotage, Overwhelm, or Burnout

You are invited to attend:Inspired Life LIVE 4hr Transformation

The Masterclass Starts In:

Wednesday, January 4th 10PM BST | 5PM ET | 4PM CT | 3PM MT | 2PM PT Thursday, January 5th 7AM AEST

If You Are Ready to Step into Your Best Phase of Life, You are invited to attend Inspired Life LIVE 4hr Virtual Event

This Free Masterclass Will Inspire You On A Deep Level:

Control Your Day

Make time your friend without complicated planners and to lists.

And hey, maybe even take a spontaneous three hour lunch break. without guilt or the business falling apart. 

Cultivate Consistent Inspiration

Harness this one characteristic and watch your business flourish.

Inspiration is not something you get. It's a simple process once you understand the formula.

Implement With Ease

Who you become on the other side of this four hour masterclass is the prize.

It's not just information that you need ~~ It's transformation into intentional, focused action. The magic happens during the LIVE Q&A component and Laser Coaching.

Discover How To Take Control Of All Your Responsibilities and Feel Unstoppable!

  • Natural, Internal Motivation: Get inspired in a way that you will actually follow through this time. 

  • Brilliantly, Simple Steps:  Walk away from the event with your personal immediate next obvious action step(s)​

  • Real Life Examples:  Human stories that you can understand and relate to


now more INSPIRED about their lives...

Hear From Some Of Our Action Taking Allies...

From Massive Resistance to Absolute Confidence

“Working with Angie is AMAZING! Her experience made it very easy right away to dive deep and uncover a lot of gold immediately in our first session, 

Then she made all that information simple, creating an educated game plan for how to attack my situation. I walked away from our very first session not only confident to achieve my first, seemingly impossible goal with ease but also to make big success. I highly recommend working with Angie if you want specialized and attentive coaching to your specific needs and situation :)”


Cut My Workweek by 20 Hours and Now I'm More Efficient Than I've Been In 10 Years

With Angie’s guidance, I’ve fulfilled a major goal of not working on Fridays and on the path to freeing up even more time from the day to day work responsibilities so that I can face the next big transition in my life. Thank you, Angie! I’m playing on a much higher level now because of the safe, supportive environment you created for me to blossom. 


Overthinking Stopped.

I’ve been having difficulty breaking down goals into more manageable bites for quite some time.

In our first session, she was able to find ways around my resistance and to show me what was manageable.

Angie helped me stop overthinking and bring things into clear focus.

I highly recommend working with Angie.



Awesome Angie Engstrom

Hello! I am Awesome Angie Engstrom, Honoring the Awesomeness in You! Despite my naturally bubbly alive personality, 20 years ago, I dropped into a dark place where I couldn't sleep at night, or get up to face the day.            

• Life became heavy .            

• I lost my joy.            

• The pit of depression was my life.

My determination to rise up, without the use of medication, has resulted in a level of health and vitality I didn't know existed in me. I am now on a mission to help others unlock new levels of health, hope and joy for themselves.

Here is what I know for sure…

Your best life is inside of the genius you haven't embraced yet.

I want to show you how to unlock your genius so that everything can get into motion. The things you want to have happen, Will happen, once and for all…  Finally!

For the past 25 years, I've been the go-to coach for world-record-holding athletes, entrepreneurs. and professionals.

That unique background has put me in a position to create highly effective strategies that any ambitious professional can use to create world class results from a state of flow.

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